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Website Updates for SEO

The structure of a website plays a significant role in its ranking on search engines such as Google.  It’s therefore important to ensure that the latest recommendations (by Google) and best practices are implemented onto your website.

Google periodically provides information relating to their latest search engine algorithm updates, so it’s vital that your website follows the guidelines provided.  Many recommendations require minor updates to a website, while others can be significant, so you should partner with an agency that understands the latest trends, requirements and have the skillset and in-house expertise to implement the changes on your website.

Why Should you update your website for Search Engines?
  • Small changes to your site can result in dramatic ranking improvements.
  • There’s a strong likelihood that your competitors will not be updating their websites for SEO on a regular basis providing you with a strong competitive advantage.
  • Many of the changes recommended by Google are linked to increasing user experience.  Therefore, its likely that some changes will positively impact the experience that users have on your website.
  • If you manage to rank well on a search engine, the impact on your business can be significant.
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