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Brand Awareness and Brand Visibility Campaigns

Traditionally, companies that wanted to boost the profile of their products or services had very limited options.  These included extensive print (newspaper or magazine), radio or television advertisements that often increased visibility but at a considerable cost.

Today, with the use of digital marketing assets and publishing platforms, the ability to reach a wide, yet highly targeted audience at a reasonable cost has never been greater.  At Susket, we’ve created campaigns costing just a fraction of the price of traditional media but with far greater impact and reach.  The best part of this is that everything can be tracked.

Brand Visibility Campaigns & Getting Started:
  • Based on an intensive discovery session with your key executives, our team will identify the right target audience and persona groups for your products and services.
  • We’ll then create a digital marketing strategy containing a series of visibility and awareness campaigns that will directly target the persona groups.
  • Our team will continually optimize your campaigns for the duration of the engagement to ensure maximum effectiveness with fully transparent reporting.
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